Seacoast United Maine is adopting a staged approach to reopening, in alignment with the guidelines provided by the State of Maine.  Company policies will be updated as additional information and resources become available.

View Seacoast United Maine's Indoor Facility COVID-19 Protocols 

The state of Maine is allowing for youth sports to compete at Level 6 of their Community Sports Guidelines, allowing for interstate competition as of April 28th, 2021.  Please review the Community Sports Guidelines for other requirements during this phase.

As of 4/28/21, Maine's Community Sports Guidelines have been updated to remove the face covering requirement for outdoor athletics.  As a result of these changes, Seacoast United Maine will no longer enforce or require face coverings during trainings.


  • All Seacoast United Maine outdoor training locations have approved the same policy as outlined above.
  • If a session needs to be held indoors due to weather or scheduling, face coverings will be required.
  • Any player that still wishes to wear a face covering during training sessions is more than welcome to do so.

Some important notes to understand regarding games moving forward:

  • The NEP still enforces masks for all game play.  This means all SUSC Maine players participating in the NEP or NPL must be masked during game play.  This policy could change at any time.
  • The Girls DPL does not enforce masking during game play.
  • All SoccerMaine (in-state leagues) will not enforce masking during game play.
  • Face coverings MUST be worn on the benches at all times while players are not on the field of play.

All spectators are able to attend events mask-free as long as they can socially distance during the event. If families are unable to socially distance, Seacoast United Maine will make adjustments to this policy.

Modifications have been made to the foot traffic patterns at the indoor facilities used by our teams and customers.  Please view the facility plan designated for your team training session:


Prior to arriving at the facility, parents need to monitor their child for symptoms (to be provided) and know what screening questions the coaches will be asking the players upon check-in.  Do not come to training if you are sick.

  • The new foot traffic pattern has been outlined for all to follow on their way to the fields. 
  • Upon arrival, please remain in your vehicle until the specified start time of your training session. 
  • Players will report to the designated field as outlined by your coach/DOC (separate email) and need to check in with their assigned coach. 
  • Both in the parking lot and on the playing surface, please remember to follow social distancing guidelines.




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