To register for any Seacoast United indoor league, please read the following steps below: 

1.  Assign a team leader to initiate league registration - This team leader is not bound to paying any individual  player's league membership fee.  A team leader simply acts as the player/coach/parent, assigned to initiate online registration.

2. Once the team leader completes the team registration, including assigning a team name, all other players must now register as part of that team, prior to the commencment of Game 1, of that particular Session i.e. Session 1

3.  In order for individual players to register, the team leader must send all players (by text, email or other), three items:

  • The original registration link for the appropriate league i.e. "Men's Open League"
  • The team name that player will be registering for i.e. "Blackbear United"
  • The cost of playing on that team i.e. $400 / the number of players registering i.e. 10 players = $40 per player

  • Individual players now continue to submit their own personal registration details for their assigned team (Formerly, this was the role of the team leader)
  • It is advisable for all players to pay online by card, however we will accept a cash or check
  • Medical release waivers are mandatory for all players and must be on file prior to the start of each session, no exceptions
  • Under no circumstances can a player step onto the field of play without; a) Registering online, b) being paid in full and/or, c) completing the online insurance waiver
  • Guest players:  Are permitted once the guest player registers online for that team, completes the online waiver and pays their guest player fee if required by the team leader (specific rules regarding guest players are enforced for Men's Open league - please see league director for more info)
  • If team leaders wish to collect the payments from your players and submitting all at once, or wish to pay the balance in full, you can leave the "amount owed" per player as $0 on your roster (this now assumes the full payment responsibility back to the team leader)

For questions on our leagues and availability please contact Pete McDonnell at




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