Hybrid of Futsal and Soccer returns to Seacoast United Maine North and runs from November to June for players aged 7 to 14 years old!

Seacoast United Maine North is excited to bring back our popular indoor program to the selection of options for youth soccer players in the area during the Winter and Spring of 2019/20.  “Futsal” is a 5v5 indoor game of soccer that will be played with official Futsal balls.

Children have an intrinsic desire to PLAY and that’s what Futsal will entail.  The children will be allowed to play freely in game, with zero coaching, other than the watchful eye of our coaches on the behavior levels, which can’t be resolved by the players.  The games will be played with the best of modern music in the background and any players who are not playing in a game will be receiving some light technical training, as a group, from our professional coaching staff, which they can then transfer to their next game. 

Questions?  Please contact Pete McDonnell at pmcdonnell@seacoastunited.com or call on 207-922-1015.




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