(9 - 18 yrs)

Seacoast United Maine is excited to announce the creation of the Precision Skill Academy (PSA) for its players who are looking to take their individual skills to the next level of creativity, speed and effectiveness. SUSC Maine provides the best soccer training in the region but for the player looking to improve their ability on the ball and develop an arsenal of moves, the PSA is for you!


Each PSA will be four sessions with a curriculum in place to start at the basics and expand with an emphasis on speed and feints to enable each player to become more dynamic on the ball. There will be a max of 10 players per session as we will maximize the number of repetitions per kid in each session.


Coach Thom Nickley will run the Precision Skill Academy sessions in our Southern locations. Thom is a new Full Time staff member that comes to us from Pennsylvania after many great years of developing top, talented players from the Northeast. Find Thom’s bio here.


In the North, Precision Skills Academy sessions will be led by Carlos Bermudez Roa, a UEFA "A" Licensed Coach, from Madrid, Spain.




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